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Rational Vaccine Might Have The Cure

Image Credit Live Herpes Vaccine

If you are like many HSV1 and HSV2 sufferers, a cure or even honest talk of a cure are long overdue.   Herpes or genital herpes symptoms are horrible, not the physical ones but the emotional symptoms leave most victims feeling low, lonely and even dirty.  HSV is a silent epidemic impacting new victims every year.  Just recently the WHO (World Health Organization) released an article stating that as much as 2/3 of the world’s population is HSV positives and


Positive Singles Dating Tips


Positive Singles Need Not Fear The Stigma Any Longer! Having a sexually transmitted disease shouldn’t restrict you from dating; there’s still hope for positive singles. What are we trying to say is, you can still find the love you deserve. You still have those desirable and lovable qualities which made other people become attracted to you before you got the virus.  Believe it or not, an STD won’t hinder you from finding the right person, although the search will be a little different,