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HIV is not the end

HIV is not the end Our college always organized health seminars especially on STDs. Most of us chose not to attend since they were usually “boring” while we wanted to have fun in school. However on that particular day, I attended since I had nothing exciting to do. The speaker was teaching about HPV and Herpes, so I paid no attention since I figured I knew everything about them. Later that night, I went to a party in one of


There Is Hope After Herpes Infection

There Is Hope After Herpes Infection In 2000, I had a fallout with my wife and we had to separate for almost a year as we went through marriage counseling. So I rented an apartment, and tried to get on with my life as usual. We had therapy twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. As a family man used to going home after a day’s work, life became so lonely and boring for me. I started hanging out at