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Living With Herpes

Coping and Dealing with Herpes People living with herpes more often than not face difficulties in their day to day life and interactions. This is because the disease not only affects their physical health but it also affects them mentally. The infected will have low self-esteem and esteem issues affecting their interpersonal relationships. This is because they fear stereotyping from those around them and rejection from their partners. It is important for those around them to show them love for


Herpes Information

Sexually Transmitted Disease: Herpes Infection with herpes might lead to discrimination from the uninfected whose knowledge of the disease is based on the grapevine myths that everybody seems to talk about. It is however important to differentiate the herpes facts from the myths. This will enable the infected and uninfected understand what can be done or what should be done on factual basis if one has the infection or if one contracts the disease. Newly diagnosed individuals will find the