Dating A Person With Herpes

Guide for Dating Someone with HSV

Herpes is a contagious sexually transmitted disease that is caused by the herpes simplex virus. The virus commonly affects the genital area or the mouth area as it exists in two forms, HSV-1 that causes oral herpes and HSV-2 that causes genital herpes. There are a few common ways of spreading the virus the most common being sexual intercourse with an infected individual. The disease does not have complex symptoms but it is good to start treatment of the symptoms as soon as they begin to show.

happy-coupleHerpes is not as serious as many take it to be as its symptoms can be controlled and treated with proper medical prescriptions. An infected person should not be scared because they can continue living their normal lives if diagnosed with the disease as much as it has no cure. On diagnosis, an individual might find it stressful to cope with the infection. This is because finding a suitable partner might prove challenging and stressful. The burden that comes with having to deal with the infection has a lot of infected people resort to isolation from their family members, friends and partners.

A research done shows that 20% of the American population is infected with the virus with 70 percent of these unaware that they have the virus. The virus in its early stages has tendencies of remaining dormant in the infected individual’s body. The virus remains dormant and on reactivation, it might begin to replicate showing possible symptoms that might surface on the skin. Modern technology has enabled infected people feel more wanted and the stress of having to look for a suitable partner has also been reduced. Infected individuals who already have partners are advised to open up with utmost honesty to their partners once they find out about their condition.

Uninfected people are also advised to try and connect with the infected as this will help them feel wanted and they will be very comfortable and can share their concerns and troubles. Meet Positives, which is an online dating site, has a platform where infected individuals can meet, interact and connect with suitable partners of their preferred choice. Dating a person with herpes is now possible and easy. Honesty in the relationship is of the utmost importance to enable the infected bond with their uninfected partner. The partner should be let in on the form of medication and all the symptoms that surround the infection and this will see to it that the couple has a perfect sex life.

Opening up is important as the other person might have been with the virus and infected the diagnosed
partner without knowing. In its early stages, the herpes simplex virus has symptoms that can hardly be
noticed but with a possible outbreak, the infected will definitely know what they are suffering from herpes.

Members of MEET POSITIVES are all infected and the infected will not have the fear of when to open up once they begin dating which ensures comfortable dating. Dating a person with herpes calls for a lot of understanding and support of the infected with understanding that the condition is not life threatening and all the symptoms that come with the infection can be treated.